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WHAT is this?

NOPEcoach is about helping people discover and define their boundaries. Geared mostly for females, as generally females need a bit more support in the empowerment department, we take peoples of all genders. NOPEcoach helps to guide you through immediate, longer-term, and lifelong issues. We are not a substitute for therapy - just peeps who have been there and strengthened our own boundaries. We can guide and be there, but our ultimate goal is for you to empower yourself with your own knowing so that you don't want or need us anymore...and maybe one day be able to coach others. 




WHO...? You.

Maybe someone has told you that you have no boundaries...

Maybe you're irritated that you don't speak up for yourself enough...

Maybe you have no idea what we're talking about.

Anyhoo, everyone has different situations they may want some support in. From situational to ongoing boundary issues, there's something for you.

NopeCoach single question


you a question...

Single questions and/or single situations for advice.

NopeCoach situatons


of thing may 

take a while...

For ongoing situations that may need a bit more time.

NopeCoach We Gotta Work On This Business a Minute

WHAT... is... a... BOUNDARY?

A scheduled coaching for those who have grown up with no boundaries.



Email us and we'll get started.

Thank you! We will get back with your shortly.

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